Welcome to my personal space in the cloud! 

If you are reading this, consider it an honor because I pride myself on being a private person. 🙂 For as long as I can remember, I have been an awkwardly shy, quiet girl who only talks a lot around people I am comfortable with. It’s not that I have anything against you, but I find it very hard to open up to new people and be my authentic self. I feel like my shyness is my greatest weakness because it has not allowed me to live my best life. Therefore, I have decided that 2019 is my year to “Live out Loud” hence, the theme of my blog. 

This blog is for the the shy folks around the world who have a million things on their mind, but do not know how to express themselves. This blog is also for those of you who wonder why I am the way I am. 

I do not know where my thoughts, poems and short stories will lead me, but I hope that it inspires someone out there in the world.

#LivingOutLoud #LOL #ShyGirlSpeaks