Lust’s Story

They were entangled in lust
That appeared to be love
—Love built on compounding lies
He claimed he loved her
She loved him too
She believed him
She was happy—mesmerized.
Was it the sound of his voice?
The strength in his arms?
Or the mere thought of him in her presence
That made her heart thrive?
Long walks in the park
And rides in the dark
Gave her all the reason to stay alive.

“I love you”…humph!
Got to her every time.
For seven long months she put up with it
Those last two months she cried
She thought they were in love
And would spend life together forever
She just knew what they had was the life
But what they actually had was lust
That appeared to be love—
Love built on lie after lie
She gave him her heart
Put trust in his instincts
And in return,
He drained her dry.
Took all she had
Her pride and joy
Here’s a fact:
Good men are endangered species
On the verge of becoming extinct.
She wept and moaned
And she moaned in pain
Life’s adversaries had taken its toll
The pressure—the pain
Was too much for one person
So she looked within herself to find blame:
“Mirror, mirror on the wall
Tell me what you see
I’m so fat, my skin’s too dark
No wonder he doesn’t want me
Look at this
I have no butt
My breasts hang a tad bit low
Oh, I wish my hair was a little bit longer
But too late—it’ll never grow.”
You see…
The problem with their relationship
Was that it lacked the will of God
Because…that which is true love—
Such as the way God loves you and I
Goes far beyond that of lust and infatuation
Love is when you look into
Someone’s eyes and see their heart
It is nonexistent without the guidance of God.
So what they had was lust
That appeared to be love
Love built on lies, lust, and infatuation.
She loved this man
More than life itself
Don’t get me wrong,
There’s nothing bad about loving
But God said to put Him first in everything
Live according to His will
Cast your cares upon Him
And He will handle the rest
It took this woman some time
To finally realize
That putting trust in man
Will only result in failure
But eventually she began
Leaning on God
And less on her own understanding
Mentally and emotionally
She endured lots of pain
At times she felt the world was against her
Many times she felt alone
Many times she felt ashamed
But through it all
God was the one who remained with her.
He taught her that
He’s the greatest love
And He will never leave or forsake her
He’ll love her until the end of time
Whether she’s fat, dark, bald, or naked
Today she stands before you
Painless and not ashamed
She’s able to lift her head high
And share with you her story
They were…
Entangled in lust
They believed to be love
Love built on Lust’s Story. 

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